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San Juan Diego Catholic Community

The community of San Juan Diego is a vibrant community of faith located at Colonia El Flaco at Citrus City (Census Designated Place) on the western Hidalgo County in Texas; just a few minutes away from the 

US-Mexico border. It is situated in one of the poorer sections of the county and of the Diocese of Brownsville. It is, however, a community that continues to grow in number. of the mission churches of     Saint Anne Parish

The San Juan Diego Church is one of the 4 churches that comprise the parish of Saint Anne. The parish was only established in 2013. It is one of the poorest parishes in the Diocese of Brownsville (considered as the poorest Diocese in the country). The community of San Juan Diego averages $300 weekly collection.

In establishing the parish, Bishop Flores said that he felt in his heart that this is where the Church needs to be – among the poor.


Why build a new church?

The growing number of Catholic population in the area cannot be accommodated anymore in the small church building that is being used. The current church building used to be satellite offices of the local water district and which were transformed into the current liturgical space in the mid-1990’s. The building sits on a little less than an acre lot. There is no more room for expansion to respond to the growing number of population in the area.

Another pressing issue for the construction is the fact that the current building sits on the road expansion project of the County. At a certain point, the church needs to be torn down to give way to the road expansion.

How can you help build the church?

Here are 3 ways that you can help build the church of San Juan Diego:

¨ Pray for the community of San Juan Diego as they work towards the completion of the project of building the church.

¨  Donate generously to the building fund of the community of San Juan Diego and be part of this dream.

¨ Invite your friends and relatives to  support the San Juan Diego community both in prayers and by donating generously to their building fund.

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