About Us

The St. Anne Catholic Community was established as a quasi-parish on September 8, 2013. 
On March 20, 2017, it was established as a full-fledged.
Saint Anne Parish comprises of the communities of 
Saint Anne Church in Pueblo de Palmas, Peñitas, 
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Sullivan City, 
St. Juan Diego Church in El Flaco, (Citrus City) Mission, 
and St. Michael the Archangel in Los Ebanos. 

Rev. Michael Montoya, MJ was named as its first pastor.


La Comunidad Catolica de Santa Ana fue establecida como quasi-parroquia en septiembre 8, 2013.  
En 20 marzo 2017, fue establecido como parroquia.
La nueva parroquia incluye las comunidades de 
la Iglesia de Santa Ana en Pueblo de Palmas, Peñitas, 
la Iglesia de Nstra. Sra. de Guadalupe en Sullivan City, 
la Iglesia San Juan Diego en El Flaco, (Citrus City) Mission, y 
la Iglesia de San Miguel Arcangel en Los Ebanos. 

El Padre Michael Montoya, MJ fue nombrado como su primer parroco. 

Saint Anne Church

The Church of Saint Anne is dedicated to the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
and is the Grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
It is located at Pueblo de Palmas Subdivision in northern part of Penitas. 
It is the newest of all the 4 churches that comprise the parish. 
As the center of the parish, the main office is located at this site.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is dedicated to 
the Patroness of the Americas and Empress of the Philippine Islands. 
It is located in Sullivan City on Highway 83. 
This was formerly known as the St. Williams Church located on El Pinto Road. 
Because of the large number of population located on this westernmost side of the parish, 
a satellite parish office was also opened on this site.

Saint Juan Diego Church

The Church of San Juan Diego is dedicated to the saint that brought us 
the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe imprinted on his cloak. 
It is currently located in Citrus City (a Census Designated Place) in Mission, Texas, 
on the corner of 7 mile line and Western. 
It is a growing community located at the easternmost side of the parish. 
Constructions are underway for them to build a new church 
on Western Road between 6th and 7th mile line.

Saint Michael the Archangel Church

The oldest of the four churches, the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel 
is dedicated to the prince of all angels. 
The community of Saint Michael the Archangel was established in 1912. 
It is located at Los Ebanos, a community that live literally next to the Rio Grande River. 
It is in this community where we can still find the only licensed hand-drawn ferry 
that transport people from the United Sates to Mexico and vice versa.